Everyday Opulence

Juno is made up of interchangeable pieces that can be worn 24 hours a day, whether you are transiting from New York to Paris, or in Capri for the weekend before catching the next flight out to Moscow. Juno isn’t fast fashion, it speaks a minimalist language that is every-age chic, it’s an everyday luxury that is understated and so it doesn’t speak for you – how you wear it is your interpretation.

Handmade in Italy

The materials are selected from Italian textile masters, linen and cotton from Brianza, wool and cashmere from Piedmont. Juno garments are designed and locally produced: Made in Italy by Juno is a construction of what is both antique and revolutionary.

Made on You
Every piece is designed and produced with your shape and need in mind. Juno designs are architecture of textile, strategic cuts that accentuate your shape, never flaunting it. They conspire to create an elegant femininity that is both poetic and determined.