Cashmere long coat

Fall Winter 2019-20

Femininity reinterpreted in a minimalist way, with elegance and comfort: the proposal by Juno for FW 19 dresses a woman who chooses a relaxed and versatile everyday opulence, never banal.
For a conscious style, which spells sustainability first as durability, where ethics becomes conditio sine qua non of aesthetics. And that rests on quality, the value of details and the tailoring of garments, all strictly Made in Italy.
The fabrics used are pure wool and cashmere, a careful selection of the best materials Made in Italy, that are produced by companies in Northern Italy with an uncontested leadership at an international level. Excellence as a starting point for Juno’s creative process.
The palette of colours embraces surgical grey, the deep black, the soft radiance of pearls, burnt tobacco and strong blue, the attire of a resolute and powerful woman, that chooses to express herself through the understatement of a soft rigor.
The lines are essential and fluid, to embrace the body in a perfect balance of accurate construction and simplicity, without limits of occasion or age.

So as to interpret the soul of the new FW19 campaign not two models but two authentic women: the artist Nanette Libiszewski and her niece Jasmine, 80 and 25 years of age, that embody the multigenerational and timeless vocation of Juno’s garments. Together from the DNA of a discreet beauty and a crystalline class, represent the accomplished women, sober and harmonious to whom the brand is addressed.

Han cashmere coat
Han cashmere coats
Grandmother • Han cashmere long coat
Granddaughter • Han cashmere short coat
Juno Split short gilet
Juno Box wool top
Grandmother • Box top, Plat jersey trousers
Granddaughter • Split short gilet, Plat jersey trousers
Boy cashmere cost
Boy cashmere coats
Grandmother • Boy long cashmere coat, Plat jersey trousers
Granddaughter • Boy short cashmere coat, Plat jersey trousers
Box wool top
Wool split short gilet
Grandmother • Split short gilet, Pleat trousers
Granddaughter • Box top, Pleat cropped trousers
Han wool plissé blouse
Grandmother • Han blouse, Flared trousers
Granddaughter • Han blouse, Flared cropped trousers
Grandmother • U top long sleeve, Flared trousers
Granddaughter • U top sleeveless, Flared cropped trousers
Juno Wool jersey high top
Grandmother • High jersey top long sleeve, Pleat cropped trousers
Granddaughter • High jersey top short sleeve, Pleat trousers
Grandmother • Knot dress, Flared cropped trousers
Granddaughter • Knot dress
Wool cono hat
Grandmother & Granddaughter • Cono wool feltro hats

Photo by Thomas Libiszewski