Won Hee

Among old books and miscellany of every kind, an old pattern dating back to the 1960s was found in a small London market. This is how the story of Juno began; a brand created by Won Hee Park, a visual designer with an intense love for fashion.  Won Hee was born and raised in South Korea, but Italy is her adopted home and that is where her creative adventure started – reproducing that pattern dress, studied down to every minute detail, just as clothes used to be made. Won Hee commenced her experiment: needle, thread, and a clear plan; that first dress is the beginning of a 38-piece, tailor-made collection that debuted in october 2015.

Won Hee grew up in Seoul, and spent her childhood playing around after school in her Mum’s interior design laboratory, learning to sew from the master artisans working there. She graduated with a degree in architecture in Seoul and decided to continue her studies in Italy. She arrived in Milan and has never left. After her diploma at IED (Instituto Europeo di Design) and a Masters in design from Domus Academy, Won Hee has been working under the title Visual & Vision Strategy ever since – that is until her fateful find in that London market; the vintage pattern that would change the structure of her life, turning it into a tactile project and one that can be worn.

‘I’m not a clothing designer, but a concept designer,’ Won Hee says of herself.